Founded in 2019, Smart City International School
is a private independent school offering National and American program for students in early childhood through grade twelve.
The school was founded by Dr. Mohamed Yousry who has a long history of involvement in the field of education.

The school has the required legal authority to operate.
It demonstrates that it has the organization, stability, and reliability that assure parents and the public that it is a well-functioning educational institution Smart City International School is legally recognized by the Egyptian Ministry of Education as a privately owned K-12 utilizing an American curriculum leading to an American High School Diploma.
Currently we are pursuing an accreditation from Advanced ED organization.

At SCIS, we recognize that each person is cared for and valued.
Our school endeavors is to build character and stimulate students to develop and use their gifts, while recognizing, appreciating, and encouraging the gifts of others.

At SCIS, students can learn and grow in a diverse environment that fosters respect for all..

School Goals

To value each student and encourage each to establish and achieve high personal goals.

To establish ongoing curriculum development where new ideas, new concepts, new information,
and new perspectives are synthesized with what is already in place.

To provide access to resources for curriculum development to each faculty member.

To provide state-of-the-art computer facilities that will provide direct instruction, instructional support, data-gathering and data-analysis capabilities, text and graphics applications,
and Internet access for all areas of the curriculum, including computer programming.


We believe in an essential partnership between parents/students and school, based on the importance of community and shared responsibility for the learning process.

We believe in a student-centered approach, developing such curricula and delivering instruction that focuses on the learning needs of each individual student.

We believe that education is effective when we develop the whole child both in character and academics.

We believe that each student has the equal and equitable right to learn. We believe that our staff should aim to inspire within students an understanding and appreciation of cultural awareness and tolerance.

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